Airbrush The Magazine Mission
"To preserve and promote the art of airbrushing, custom painting." To encourage new people to become involved in our art form thru the articles in the magazine. #supportartists
The digital formats of Airbrush The Magazine will be free to everyone 6 months after the release of the printed issue. The printed format will be available to purchase and can be shipped worldwide.
I published 54 issue’s of Airbrush Technique Magazine before I had to take a break from publishing. In 2019 I’m back at it with more passion than ever for publishing your artwork, your story as an artist. I hope you will support this new airbrush magazine.
Airbrush The Magazine is published bi-monthly, six issues's per year.
If you have any questions, suggestions please feel free to contact me at any time. airbrushmag@gmail.com
Don Johnson
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