With this new website, we can hold CONTESTS with prizes our sponsor/partners awarded. Grex Airbrush, Tamcco Paint, SATA Dan-AM, Inspire paint, SprayGunner.

Winners are chosen by popular vote, with one winner per contest. Top ten to be published in our magazine. You must OWN all rights to the photo you upload to enter the contests. If a customer owns the photo, you MUST have permission to use it for the contest and be published in the magazine. Proof of that is REQUIRED before a winner is declared. Please read the contest rules. By participating in the contests, you agree you have read the rules.

HOW TO ENTER: Click on the CONTEST LINK at the top of the page. Fill out the required info and upload your photo. Some contests will allow only one per artists. MAKE it your very best photo, your very best!!! Once it is uploaded you are entered.


contest page


SEE ENTERS AND VOTE: Click on the ART GALLERY link at top of the page and you will see all enters and can vote ONE TIME. You can also share your favorite or your own work to FACEBOOK, Instagram sites.


art gallery


Have fun with this any questions, suggestions or if your company would like to donate a prize e-mail -


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