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"What did Picasso mean by Art is a lie?

What one does is what counts and not what one had the intention of doing. We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies."


In short, the quotes "art is a lie that makes us realize the truth" contains a very sensitive meaning that Art is an imitation of the real things in the world but actually Art is a means to make the human realize the truth about the world which can not be realized by the human generally.


On FB and Instagram, we are not allowed to speak the truth; we must self-censor. And yes, even our Art or they will object, FB jail, your posts will be seen by very few. I'm not speaking of politics, but in an artistic sense and the values we hold dear as artists: freedom to create our Art and share it and freedom of speech.


Secondly, AI and the direction it is headed in a dangerous trend. Just take AI Art and the money corporations make using data sets to train their apps, AI art programs that include billions of images and pictures scraped from the Internet without the artist's permission. If you follow Elon Musk, he speaks out about his concern about AI's direction. He is funding AI programs to be more ethical, honest, and open in a roundabout why he might be our best hope to fight this.


Our posts on FB and Instagram are nothing more than content from which they earn money which they, in turn, use to censor content. We are funding the companies that hold us accountable if we publish Art and text that does not follow their negative. We are held accountable without any way to respond or recourse but to self-censor to continue participating.  


Please help us build an artists' community on Twitter where we are free to share our Art and thoughts without fear of censorship.

@airbrushmag1, follow us, and we would be happy to share your artwork. 




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